Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Revlon lip butters. Worth the hype?

Pink Truffle, Macaroon, Tutti Fruiti & Sweet Tart

Revlon lip butters are one of those products that almost every beauty enthusiast loves so of course I have a rather decent collection of them.

I initially felt like these were a waste of money, if  I wanted a sheer lipstick I could just use one of my other lipsticks with a lipbalm. But of course, I got dragged into the hype, as all us beauty obsessed ladies do. I picked up Pink Truffle which is a beautiful 'my lips but better' shade that is perfect for interviews, work or smokey eyes. Its got great pigmentation and feels nice on the lips. This isn't particularly moisturising but they are definitely better than a ordinary lipstick. As you may be able to tell this one has been used fairly frequently!

Of course as I loved pink truffle so much I couldn't resist picking up a few more. To tell you the truth I really wish I hadn't, the colours are great in the bullet but when applied they look patchy and really emphasise my extremely dry patchy lips. Macaroon has a LOT of glitter particles through it which is not a good look for dry lips. Tutti Fruti really doesn't show up on my lips so if you are my skintone or darker I doubt it'l work for you. Finally, Sweet Tart is a bright - in your face - kinda pink, this one I do like but its very difficult to wear as it is the worst when it comes to highlighting the dry patches.

Another pain about these lippies is that they are sticky. Now I'm not a lipgloss girl for the main reason that I hate sticky products. They drive me crazy! So having a sticky lipstick is awful as far as I'm concerned.

Overall these are good products with a decent colour range but I really don't think that they are worth the rather hefty £7.99 price tag!  I have passed mine on, with the exception of Pink Truffle, to my sister who uses them for school.

Do you love these or do you think they're over hyped? 

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  1. Great review! I've got Peach parfait and that is also too glittery! :/ I'd love if you stopped by my blog, kavichick2000? xox


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