Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Oily/Post Workout Hair Saviour: Lulu Organics Hair Powder in Lavender & Sage

Hi guys! I know I've been gone for well over a month and I had promised to post at least once a week during my exam period but it was far too hard I barely had the time to eat or sleep so blogging had to take a back seat for the month. I'm really sorry about that but thanks for sticking with me! For those of you interested in the Giveaway I have announced the winner, the lovely Amber from Little Things She LovesLoves. Thanks so much for entering and following and I can't wait to hold some more giveaways!

Now its time for me to get back into blogging and reviews and I thought what better a product than a dry shampoo that saved me during my intense revision mode. The Lulu Organics Hair Powder (£20) is raved about in the natural beauty world and I've wanted to try it for quite some time. Unfortunately its not the easiest product to get hold of but when I was in Liberty I managed to pick it up with a 10% discount which was amazing!

I've recently learnt that the scalp absorbs a lot of what you put on it and there are a lot of blood vessels in the scalp region, this means that the artificial hairsprays and dry shampoos are more likely to damage your scalp and body. This drilled home the importance of using natural and chemical free products on my scalp in particular so I decided enough was enough, I had to get my hands on the Lulu Organics offering.

The product is a fine white powder which you can either shake onto the scalp and work in, or they recommend you rub it between your palms and then apply it to your scalp. Both of these methods work well depending on what you prefer. I find shaking tends to distribute too much product and I waste more than I use so I prefer shaking it into my hands and working it all around my scalp.

Now that I have tried this I will never go back to conventional dry shampoos, even if I was not interested in natural products. I hate the gritty and dirty feeling that dry shampoos leave whereas the Lulu Powder is undetectable in the hair and you can use it numerous times without it building up in the hair.

I was initially afraid that the lavender scent would make me feel rather sleepy, much like my Tisserand Lavender Body Lotion which I use at night to relax, but the scent is so gentle and unless you stick your nose in and take a good sniff its barely noticeable.

This also lasts forever, I've had mine for over two months and myself and my sisters have used it weekly and it still feels full. So its definitely worth the price.

Overall this product is wonderful whether natural haircare is important to you or not. If you hate the texture of ordinary dry shampoos but don't want to wash your hair too often I 100% recommend giving this a shot.


  1. this one looks its packaging <3


    Blue Velvet Addict

  2. Music to my ears! This product seems to be amazing! I've never been a fan of dry shampoos but my oily hair need a help sometimes! xx


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